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If you are wondering about shipping/delivery of your order:

Please keep in mind that it takes 3-5 business days to personalize, cut and assemble your order. We ship via USPS First Class mail which takes 1-7 business days. You can expect to recieve your order in about 4-12 business days from the day you order it. You will recieve an email with your tracking number once your item ships. Thank you! :) 

For any other questions, please feel free to send us a message:


Email is the fastest and most effective way to communicate with us. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of our work, we have large cutting machines working all day long and can only make phone calls in between cutting orders. Thank you!


***About us***


Girly Momma Designs LLC (GMDdecals) was founded in March of 2012, by Jessica Lathrop, a US Navy spouse with three daughters. Her husband was on deployment overseas for the second time. In hopes of helping to contribute to the family (while staying at home to raise their children) she started off with a small craft machine, a tool box of supplies, and an irresistible urge to make things. After several attempts, (and a husband who was supportive but thought her ideas were silly), she had made several designs of party decor that she sold online. After a few months, her little tool box spread from the kitchen table out into the living room. What started out as a slight obsession with personalizing EVERYTHING with decals, soon started to help the family financially. Before she knew it, seven months had gone by, and her hubby finally came home from overseas. She was so busy with GMD that he often ended up helping her with her orders after coming home from his own long day of work! In 2014, her husband was up for reenlistment in the Navy for another 6 years. After a lot of debating (and perhaps a little bit of worrying), they decided he should switch to the US Navy Reserves and make Girly Momma Designs the family business- full time! The front room soon become a craft tornado, and it was time to move the 'office' out of the house into an office space across town. Soon they hired their first employee, and about a year later another employee, and then another. The past three years have been wonderful and they thank God for every blessing that they have received- including their fourth baby girl in 2015! GMD is currently learning as they grow, always being sure to build a brand with integrity. 

***Social Responsibility***

GMD strives to create unique products while helping to employ US Veterans, military families and devoted workers. All products are made in USA with the help of Veterans. (Rest assured when you do business with GMD, you can feel great that you helped support a Veteran!)

***USA Pride***

We take pride in making our products in USA, and strive to purchase materials only made in USA. We also take pride in our military and give hiring preference to Veterans and military families. Girly Momma Designs LLC is a Veteran family-owned business. 

Show support by buying only products made in USA and ship from USA. Thank you to all of our customers and a special Thank You to all who have or currently serving in our armed forces. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

***Environmentally Responsible***

In order to be environmentally friendly and pass savings to the consumer, we try to package our orders with as little material as possible. We try to save on costs and pass that savings onto the customer. We also reuse our vinyl as a packaging tape whenever possible to help reduce our waste.Thanks so much for checking out our stuff! We hope you love it as much as we do.


Jessica and Larry

Girly Momma Designs


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